Why make a thermoplastic splint


Why make a thermoplastic splint when you can buy one off the shelf? Many of the static and dynamic splints that are now being produced for spasticity are excellent and provide a long term solution to people’s difficulties. However they do not always work with those clients in the initial stages of splinting, or those who have a very complex presentation of increased tone and contracture. A customised thermoplastic splint might not always look top of the range but the therapeutic value can really outweigh that. A thermoplastic splint that you fabricate can accommodate for fixed deformity but then be moulded to stretch other muscles as they require, It can also be cut, added to and altered in order to give support but also therapeutic stretch to the muscle. Our splinting goals might be to improve the muscle tone to allow someone to complete a functional activity, or it might be to prevent the condition worsening or allow for carers to assist with dressing for example.

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