What can an occupational therapist help you with?
An occupational therapist works with people who have been injured, or have been diagnosed with a condition that affects how they manage their daily living activities. An occupational therapist will work with you and those closest to you on your personal goals. An occupational therapist will look at what the barriers are to you achieving your goals, whether they are physical, cognitive, sensory, perceptual, psychological or emotional and will use strategies and techniques to help you overcome these difficulties. Occupational therapists will sometimes use compensatory strategies or may help you to learn new techniques or relearn those that have been lost.


What assessments do you provide?
I provide a range of assessments, the list below is not exhaustive, so please do get in touch with me for more information but here are a few examples:
  • Cognitive assessments (including pre driving cognitive assessments)
  • Vocational Assessments including worksite assessments and job demands analysis
  • Home assessments including assessment of daily living. I am able to use a standardised assessment called the AMPS which measures motor and process skills in daily activities
  • Assessments for equipment


What treatments do you provide?
  • Vocational rehabilitation working with both the employee and the employer
  • Working with clients who are moving to independent living or supporting independent living trials
  • Cognitive rehabilitation in functional activities
  • Fatigue management
  • Clinical supervision for support workers, junior staff and clinicians working in the independent


Who can refer to your service?
You can self refer or be referred by:
  • a member of your family
  • a health professional
  • medical staff
  • case managers
  • lawyers
  • employers
Please give me a call or email me and I can advise.


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