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Delivering specialist occupational therapy programmes to clients, in groups, can have unique therapeutic benefits - beyond those achievable through individual 1.1 therapy sessions. Research has shown the many advantages that stem from client to client (patient to patient) interactions, and therefore Rehabilitate are developing Rehabilitate Groups.
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Our therapists recognise that client to client interaction, particularly given their similar circumstances, brings a valuable social context to the rehabilitation experience; enhancing motivation which helps clients maximise their rehabilitation potential. Often, as occupational therapists, we hear clients express that they can feel alone and isolated after an injury. Therefore, Rehabilitate Groups offers clients enhanced support through shared goals and can decrease social isolation, with research also suggests that therapeutic group programmes may enhance coping strategies and mood. Following a successful trial during the first lockdown, in Spring 2020, Rehabilitate have invested in Rehabilitate Groups as a more substantive and consistent offering going forward. To deliver these we have a dedicated team of specialist occupational therapists with extensive knowledge and experience of delivering group rehabilitation programmes.
How the programme is delivered:
Each of our bespoke programmes is delivered remotely to ensure they are inclusive for all clients, irrespective of geographical location. We use a variety of teaching styles to promote learning of new strategies and the development of transferable skills. Also the clients work in the group is carefully integrated within their occupational therapy programme, and therefore the therapist leading on the group will liaise with the client and their individual occupational therapist to ensure the continuation and embedding of learning within the scheduled therapy programme. Therefore, goal progression is promoted outside of the weekly programmes, to ensure a person centred approach is delivered.
fatigue management programme online
Fatigue is identified as one of the most debilitating symptoms for our clients, having a profound effect on ability to maximise their rehabilitation potential. It impacts activities of daily living, leisure, social, and also vocational areas – such as education and work.
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pre-vocational skills programme online
For many of our clients it's been a long time since they were in a work role due to the impact of their injury. Contemplating a return to a work role can seem daunting. This programme, facilitated by OTs with specialist knowledge and experience of vocational rehabilitation, aims to provide a virtual work team which our clients will be part of. They'll work together on a project to develop skills such as communication, problem solving, planning and time management, all of which are transferrable to a work setting.
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I enjoyed each group session, it gave me confidence to talk to new people'

Anon client - fatigue programme

making the group sessions accessible

making the group sessions accessible
Hello, I'm Garry Kelsall, a technology consultant. Rehabilitate want to make their therapy group programs accessible for everyone and that's where I come in! One thing this Covid pandemic has taught us is that technology has become more important in helping us connect with others. We've seen clients of all ages and with many different disabilities start to engage with the technology for their occupational sessions - many for the first time. We chose Zoom as our platform for delivering our group programs because it's free and simple - you may have already used it. My role as a technology consultant is to help you to feel confident and able to use your device to join our group programs. If you have problems accessing the group sessions and you're feeling that technology is a barrier to participate in these programs, please speak to your occupational therapist who is able to refer you to me for further support.