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Rehabilitate Inspired is a section on our website directly created by clients and for clients. It is a space and a place where clients can directly, and with support, post their (1) stories and (2) advice / experiences to other clients.

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Life Stories is where you (using some sub headings as a guide) can share your story relating to your experiences and road to rehabilitation - you would then have your own web page to share with family, friends, and others. Regarding advice / experience we are going to build a series of pages on the website where clients can offer, perhaps specific, advice to other clients on a whole range of therapy areas, such as (but not only) fatigue, sleep, work, leisure, relationships, planning, motivation, fitness, diet and so forth. This could be in a written form, or you could record some audio or video. Phil, and one of our OT Assistants (Bella, Milli, or Dominic) can help you to develop this. Any clients (or clients families, friends, and support teams) keen to create content should contact Phil Crowther at phil@rehabilitatetherapy.co.uk for an initial chat and to get this moving.
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Client Stories

These pages are an opportunity for our clients to share their stories / experiences. This can be a really useful thing for you to do and you will then have your own page (link that you can share with anyone you wish. But also your story can be really helpful and inspiring for other clients to read and benefit from. Emma Danskin's story is the first one we have produced and are keen to use that format (or very similar) for all. If you would like to write your story and have your own webpage then please speak to your OT or email phil@rehabilitatetherapy.co.uk
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Family Support

Linking mums, dads, and families together for empathy / support can often be so really helpful as families are a vital part of enabling rehabilitation progression. These pages are intended to share advice, inspiration, and more generally empathy that can be so important. If you or very close friend) and would like to either record a video, audio, or write something please speak to the OT or email phil@rehabilitatetherapy.co.uk
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Common Challenges

Our clients are all unique but also share many of the same challenges. It is therefore useful to for clients to share their experiences and inspiration relating to your journey. In this section the idea is to specifically do this linked to common challenges, this list is not complete but could include areas such as; establishing productive routine, fatigue, sleep, pain, return to work, return to driving, community access, relationships, and so on. If you would like to contribute then please speak to your OT or email phil@rehabilitatetherapy.co.uk, and we will support you to do this.

Befriending (Friendships)

Within our community of clients we have some amazing people who, although continue to have challenges, have done incredibly well and are motivated to support others who are going through similar experiences. We therefore have developed an approach where our clients can meet other clients on a one to one basis to chat, share experiences, be positive, and really empathise with the journey you are on. This could be a one off or much more regular. If you would like to befriend other clients then we will prepare, with you, some key information and pic for others to see. If you think you would appreciate meeting one of the befrienders then speak to your OT or email phil@rehabilitatetherapy.co.uk