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Rehabilitate Social is an entirely free to access range of groups and opportunities for our clients to meet clients, to share, to laugh, and to be inspired with others that share your challenges.
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To enhance your one to one therapy, with your occupational therapist, Rehabilitate Therapy understands the potential of creating opportunities for our clients to connect with each other. With over 150 clients, all over the North and Midlands this has always been an exciting opportunity we have recognised, but a challenge we have never really understood how to overcome. Probably the only positive of the Covid 19 pandemic has been to awaken us all to the power of online platforms and groups. Therefore, we are now ploughing full steam ahead to get Rehabilitate Social up and running. Rehabilitate Social is, in short, a community for all of our clients, where they can connect with others who have similar issues and challenges - to feel motivated, inspired, and ever more determined. Through the Men's Group and also Mikey's Fitness Group that continue to run weekly, and also the Around the World Challenge, we have seen the positive outcomes and energy this creates and we want to do more. Therefore we are adding further opportunities; Ladies Group, Lifelong Learning Group, and Coffee and Cake with Karen. In addition there will be more and more challenges and also we will get the social media platform (closed facebook group) up and running bigger and better. Karen Abbott is leading our work with Rehabilitate Social and please email Karen to say hi, introduce yourself, and share any thoughts or questions. karen@rehabilitatetherapy.co.uk

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Summer Challenge

This is our current challenge for you
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men around fire

Men's Group

A weekly group to give our male clients the opportunity to regularly spend time with other men, who have had similar experiences, and to share, laugh, and generally encourage good mental health and, of course, to support rehabilitation.
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Lifelong Learning Group

A weekly group to not only enable social contact, sharing, and fun but also to be inspired by new topics and opportunities. Different topics and speakers each week will make the group an interesting and lively learning opportunity.
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Fitness Group With Mikey

Weekly client fitness class with Mikey, who has himself sustained life changing injuries and has qualified as a personal trainer.
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