The service which Rehabilitate Therapy have offered to myself and my clients has been of a high standard. They understand the needs of clients with neurological injuries and work hard to consider realistic and attainable goals that will benefit the client in the short and long term.

Carolyn Heaton    Partner    Irwin Mitchell LLP    Solicitor   

My case manager approached rehabilitate therapy when I was involved in a serious car accident back in 2014. I then started to see Kate my occupational therapist and work on my goals such as building my confidence back up in unfamiliar circumstances and learning about the problems I face with a brain injury and how to solve them. I then started to see Sara as she lived closer to me, Sara helped me with my independent living trail, getting back into work and any problems which occurred.

By having Kate and Sara I am much more confident and I can now problem solve for myself as I have strategies which I’ve learnt. They helped me to understand my brain injury and that has made me the person I am today! I would recommend Kate and Sara as they are approachable, easy going and overall I think they are both brilliant I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have them to help me along the way!

Natasha Hoy    Client   

Rehabilitate Therapy Ltd have supported my charity with occupational health assessments and reports. They provide a professional, quality service, underpinned by their first-rate knowledge and experience. But what makes Rehabilitate stand out from similar services, is the empathy and understanding they show for all involved, guiding you to make the most appropriate decisions and to agree a pathway forward based on their expert advice. I would not hesitate in recommending Rehabilitate Therapy Ltd, not only for their professional approach, but for the friendly and supportive service they provide.

Charity    London   

Kate Heward, from Rehabilitate Therapy, provides occupational therapy support for my mother who has an acquired tbi. She is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, supportive, realistic and determined to do what's best for my mother. She has supported mum to recognise aspects of her tbi which impacts her ability with daily living and has helped her to move forward with a structured routine in place. She has provided excellent support to my mother and she wouldn't be where she is today without the fantastic help received from Kate.

Kelly Hepinstall    Clients Daughter   

Rehabilitate Therapy provides highly experienced, goal and inter disciplinary-focused occupational therapy to my clients.
As a case manager, other than the obvious need for a therapist to gel with a client, I look for efficient feedback and reporting, close working within the team, approachability, and that therapists are working towards clear goals identified with the client.

I feel somewhat of a sense of relief when I know Rehabilitate Therapy has capacity to work with a client because there are few providers I feel confident in using.

Rehabilitate Therapy delivers what I need without question.

Anne-Marie Burnett    Rehabilitation Case Manager    Headsmart Rehab Ltd    Case Manager   

Can I just express how grateful I am for Rachel Barnes' input for both clients in the past few weeks, she is an asset to your company and as a world of knowledge which has been vital when it comes to the clients involved. My clinical background is not OT and as a case manager I find that I need to rely heavily on the OTs who I work with in order to gain an understanding of the needs of the clients. Rachel always spends time to answer any questions I may have and I am grateful for that.

Emma Robb    Social Return    Case Manager   

As a firm of specialist employment lawyers, access to a reliable and skilled OT team is invaluable in supporting our commercial clients with the many and varying challenges imposed by employee sickness absence and management.

The efficient, professional and high-quality service that Rehabilitate provides has quickly made them our “go-to team” for our client’s occupational therapy needs.
The therapists themselves are all professional with a high level of expertise. No job is too small for them and feedback from our clients has been consistently positive.
We look forward to continuing to work with Rehabilitate in the future.

George Thomas    Employment Lawyer, Bridge Employment Lawyers   

Never met anybody quite like Sara before she has truly been the most positive influence on our son I could have wished for. Sara joined us halfway through recovery and what she has achieved in such a short space of time is incredible and a testament to her commitment.

Sara goes above and beyond and she has always tackled things head on in our sons journey helping him pave the way for the future,showed him how to set achievable goals and not allow his injuries to hold him back. It truly does prove when you get the right combination of OT and client anything is possible.

Helen Miliopolous    Client's Mum   

Rehabilitate Therapy are team players who’s focus is to ensure that the client’s shape their own goals and therefore become their own champions.

Linda Jooste    Brain Injury Case Manager    Case Manager   

I was first introduced to Rehabilitate Therapy approx. 4 years ago. They were working with one of my clients who has both spine and brain injury. I was so impressed I have used them since for a number of clients. One Brain injured client in particular has done extremely well with the help of Vocational Occupational therapy services. The occupational therapist has steered him through independent living, a course in a new subject and has been at the core of ensuring his exams cover all the extenuating circumstances that affect him. At the same time, she has also negotiated some paid work as well as voluntary. Without her this young man would not have reached his potential. I recommend the input of Rehabilitate for anyone looking for professional OT outcomes. Excellent service.

Glynis Kenny    Case Manager    Spinal Injury Case Management Ltd    Case Manager   

I just wanted to email you in regards to your lovely OT Rachel Barnes who I have working on my case in Newcastle. This client looks so straightforward on paper but I am aware that Rachel has a really challenging task with this client due to the complexity of his brain injury. I have been working closely with Rachel through this as all the therapists in this case need a great support, at times it can be frustrating when plans are not going as well as they should be.

Can I just express my gratitude for the work she continues to complete, her understanding from a professional perspective but also taking on board my views as well. She is an asset to your team and I'm very proud of the work and sessions she does for my client. I fear therapists don't get the thanks they deserve from case managers, but want to make you aware of how happy I am with her professionalism when times are infuriating and her ability to engage well not only with the client but as part of an MDT.

Emma Robb    Social Return Case Management    Case Manager   

Dr Kate Heward provides a client centred, needs specific service of an excellent calibre. Kate’s honest and frank assessments enable a clear strategic focus to be maintained and her flexibility affords the best possible outcomes. As a Case Manager I have found that her collaborative and inclusive methods of service delivery significantly contribute to a holistic team approach.
Thank You Kate.

Andy Woodland RN ACiIP    York, England    Website