Rehabilitate Online is a vital part of Rehabilitate Therapy Ltd and it contains three parts;

Groups, Social, and Inspired.

The combined purpose of these is to enable our clients to be inspired by each other. We are very aware of the power and possibilities of enabling clients to meet and be inspired by others with similar stories and challenges. Rehabilitate Therapy - at any one time - has between 120 and 160 clients all across the North and Midlands - all with such similar challenges and, at times, frustrations.

Therefore, by creating Rehabilitate Groups (where clients can work on therapy areas, such as pain, fatigue, and vocation together), Rehabilitate Social (where clients can socialise and share in friendly and facilitate settings) and Rehabilitate Inspired (where clients can directly share stories and advice to help and support others) we have created vital platforms to enable clients to create an energy and an empathy that is really powerful in rehabilitation.